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First off, 20,000 visitors converting to 50 customers seems kind of low. You could use the behavior flow chart on Google Analytics to look at how people are moving through the website and where the major drop offs are. Those pages should be looked at more closely to see what needs to be change to help move visitors to the next step of the digital sales funnel.

As for the CRM data, it could be used for an email campaign. You could also look at the top job title categories to inform target audience for a LinkedIn campaign.

You could also do a display re-targeting campaign on the visitors who didn’t convert, and you could differentiate where the visitors are in the sales funnel based on where they made it to on the website and what actions they took, which would inform the ad sets they are served.

If you know the source from where the traffic is coming, you could see if there are any sources that are performing poorly and either optimize them or cut them and reinvest in top performers or find new sources to test for.

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