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  • rh7ss

    December 17, 2021 at 8:06 am

    Your budget would determine the strategy that I would go for here, if you have a large budget then this is the route I would take.

    1. Make homepage branded, don’t optimise for keywords.
    2. Create a single location ‘hub’ page. Call it something like ‘Plumber Locations’- create a menu item and put all other location pages under it. –
    3. Create internal location page for main services in each big city (eg. Plumber Los Angeles and Plumber NYC…) – Great internal linking, schema on the pages, local google maps embed. Create local and national citations to this new internal page. – These pages are your money site and where most of your traffic will come from
    4. Create more smaller location pages for small suburbs or towns (not sure where you live and it changes everywhere in the world) eg Plumber Beverly Hills. Do the same as #2, create good schema, internal linking and local map embed
    5. Create even more location pages for large cities, go in more detail. Instead of making another page for Plumber Los Angeles, make one for more specific services. eg – Boiler Repairs Los Angeles… – follow the same process in step #2. Internally link these pages on the pages you made in step #2,3,4.

    Everything must be internally linked really well, and the googlebot must be able to crawl through the whole website and find every page. It is also important to add local relevance on the page. Talk about local areas, parks, postcodes, street names. (this is why we add the google map embed)

    Normally I just spin the text on each location page and change out the geo modifiers and local information, but lately I have been having issues with indexing location pages with similar content so it might be better to change up the copy on each page.

    Build citation links to every single page you built.


    OPTION 2 – Small Budget

    Choose the biggest keyword with the largest purchasing intent and biggest CPC and optimise your homepage for this keyword (you’ll most likely have to choose one large city from the two states)

    Build out other location pages to rank in other cities – follow as much from option one as your budget allocates.