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  • Brandhouse-LA

    November 15, 2021 at 7:44 pm

    **Before I get yelled at, this is My Opinion**

    For B2B I think someone already mentioned it, but it’s understanding your audience. If I need a dashboard for SEO I might come across someone talking about it on Reddit, see it on a youtube ad, linkedin or someplace else because in most instances I might not be looking for a new tool as I am content with what is out there. So a lot of my current product decisions within the SEO space come from word of mouth or new ads I might see. So maybe try driving traffic from platforms like LinkedIn to target your audience with an ad.

    For organic traffic, think about what problems your user model might be facing that your product can solve. Then write content on the problem and how your tool can solve them. There might not be a lot searches for those keywords either, but they will be high converting. Tim Soulo from aHrefs mentions this in a few interviews he has done on how they changed their SEO approach for B2B. Might want to search for those videos.

    Good Luck!