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Yep… Nearly 6 years at an agency happily pumping out email updates and the odd phone call here and there.

Then came the client meetings which didn’t happen too often thankfully…

Things going well? It’s all smiles…

Things not going well? Then you find yourself answering difficult questions about ranking drops (thank you penguin!), knowing at times spinning BS was sometimes more believeable than the truth!

*”What do you mean those links we paid for 6 months ago that got us to page one have now caused a penalty and you want to charge us to remove the links we already paid for?” (Thank god the disavow tool showed up when it did!)*

But then worrying they know you’re talking shit, but difficult to know as they stare at you with blank, puzzled faces. Are they buying that Google are shitting on us all?

Or do they think we’re taking their money and stuffing it in shoe boxes to hide it from the tax man whilest getting away with doing sod all work and blaming Google for our failings to improve their traffic!

Do they understand SEO ain’t PPC? No Google Rep to get help from if things go south!

And… That’s why I’ve been working in-house for the past 3.5 years! Hopefully won’t ever find myself going back to all that again!

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