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  • contentmedic

    October 13, 2021 at 12:35 pm

    Create linkable assets. Infographics are pretty blah (but still useful if you can be unique about it) maybe you can think of something specific for your niche. For ex. websites in the real estate niche have browser-based mortgage calculators. Vertical sites that write about real estate for B2C usually link to these resources.

    What about niche research? Put together some stats about your industry that other blogs will reference. Or try reaching out to industry experts so you can get exclusive quotes. Work with your content/PR/backend teams to produce these assets if you can. These are like ‘passive income’ backlinks that grow as your website does. Try seeing beyond the outreach part of backlinking and think about how you can produce value.

    Get someone on your content team to focus on outbound guest posting who will ghost for someone in your company that’s influencer material. Build his/her authorship so people will want to invite them on their blog or quote them.