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You first have to take care of the on-page SEO. That means SEO changes on the website. In this:

0) Firstly, you have to identify relevant terms for every product and category page. Once you have the list of keywords, you will have the ammo to optimize the pages.

1) Next, you have to make sure that your product title, description, images, and Meta details are optimized for relevant keywords.

2) You also need to make sure that relevant products are linked with each other. This can be done through product descriptions.

3) Technical aspects of every web page ought to be reviewed with keywords in mind so that correct optimization can be done.

Once the on-page SEO is done, you will have to think of Off-page SEO. This majorly means getting backlinks from relevant sites. You can get initial backlinks from free sources like social media, community sites, relevant forums, business listings, and free blogs. Slightly time-consuming but will pay in a few months.

Blogs can help divert traffic to product pages if you create the right blogs. For instance, if I run a store that sells clothes, I will start focusing on creating blogs on winter clothing since the season is coming. For instance, “best jackets for sub-zero temperatures” and “latest winter fashion trends”

If you are lost, I can help you navigate the world of SEO. Have been doing it for almost 9 years. Let’s chat to exchange ideas.


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