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* **Conversion Tracking:** Make sure you’re optimizing towards website code or GTM-sourced conversion actions rather than Analytics so you can see view-through conversions
* **Ads:** At least one Responsive Display Ad per ad group (this way the ads fit in any possible space)
* **Targeting Technique:** I would recommend only using *one* method of Keywords, Audiences, or Placements per ad group, any more and the reach becomes tiny
* **Audiences:** Keep remarketing (Customer list, Website visitors) in separate campaigns from Prospecting (Custom audience, In-Market, Affinity, etc.). Make sure the ads make sense for the audience you’ve selected, you shouldn’t be using the same ad for every audience.
* **Landing Page:** Ensure it has a fast loading speed, particularly on mobile
* **Placements:** Exclude all categories of mobile apps from potential placements
* **Bid Strategy:** I prefer low-budget Display campaigns on Maximize Conversions and high-budget Display campaigns on Target CPA pay for clicks, personally (start at 2x Search CPA then optimize down over time). Up to you if you want to include view-through conversions in optimization.

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