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Unfortunately, that is the view point of a lot of newer businesses. But in my experience it is wrong. The spray and pray approach of most business on social media is really hurting themselves. It works but it could be done better. The ROI and the conversion rates go up considerably. Tbh I think FB and other sites make it easier to use so people throw more money into it to meet goals. Where they could pay someone with some know how and get the same goal for less money. Even after paying the middleman.

To make it simple a marketer could take $100 and get a better result than a regular person with $500. You are throwing money at people that don’t want or have an interest in your product. This strategy is making it worse because everyone is doing it. The more people do it the less effective it is and the more effective targeted ads will be.

Plus you go to marketers for their other skills. Like how to do a proper and efficient ad. Marketing is a skill. A poor ad or other ineffective part of your sales funnel can really hurt your business but you wouldn’t know. Or you will find out later than you could have.

What’s funny is that Fb and other sites have done marketing to get people to feel that way. And it’s working. I’m sure they used a big agency.

Just my 2¢

Feel free to ask questions.

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