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I highly doubt a company the size of google will let anything “break” her. i think that for a long time they have been “too big to fall”, and the government woke up a bit too late about trying to restrain their power.

regardless, if (and that’s a big if) anything like that will happen, i don’t think we’ll “give up” on Instagram, just post there from it’s own ads manager and keep going business as usual.

i agree that maybe it would suck for us if they get separated, but we’ll get through this eventually. don’t forget that with time you’ll see more platforms to be on, like TikTok for example, so in the future we’ll probably have more tools to use than today, which is good.


Bottom line, i wouldn’t worry about facebook. digital marketing is the future of marketing in general, and facebook has a huge part in it. what ever happens, they will always be one of the biggest players out there (if not the biggest)

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