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1. Continue the day job and do it on the side. Reach out to local businesses that aren’t advertising and do it for free. Other option (which Id focus more on) is to find a niche and start selling online yourself. Again, while continuing the day job… either way, find a niche and learn/master it. PPC for restaurants is very different than ppc for insurance or some other niche.

The other consideration is that most platforms are trying to dumb down the entry barriers for small business with smart bidding. I’m NOT saying there’s not going to be a need for PPC specialists, but it’s only going to get more “smart”.

There’s other options like gig jobs, but your competing against guys in countries where’s $10 an hour with flexibility is an awesome wage.

Not trying to discourage you and you should continue to learn, but there’s nothing like having your own coin on the line and burning midnight oil while doing your day gig. Niche… the narrower, the more obscure, the better.

Good luck and follow your passion!

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