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do more pinterest if you get more conversions from pinterest. do more google if your conversions come from google. i started a side project/case study site in 2017 – the site now has thousands of pages and articles. it never pulled a penny or ranked well in google for anything organically (which was expected). then i decided to throw pinterest in the mix… just basic image posts of the sites niche (automotive stuff), and holy cow. with minimal effort – 705k impressions, 389k audience, 27k engagements. 20k engaged audience…

as for the “how” part of your question – i havent found any real formula for successful pins, but just consistent posting of stuff in your niche to a variety of boards with some repins here and there is all ive done. i used to link every pin back to the homepage of the site, now i will pin a batch of similar or related photos with a link to specific article on my site or page just to increase the relevancy a bit.

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