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Google it for more research and help .

Take any Seo tool ahrefs or Semrush ( free you can use Keyword planner however the data is more aligned for PPC then Seo ,Try ubersuggest or any other free resource you can get on the internet )

Now don’t limit to any number on the excel sheet .

Try to group them similar ones in one group

Basically I try it out for 3 variations

Primary keywords
Secondary keywords
Long tail keywords

Now play with filters here

Check the volume,impressions , CTR

Figure out the low hanging fruit here with these filters.

Or u get all this data with any SEO paid tool with competitor data as well .That saves a lot of time and exhaustion on this activity.

This is the basic research that one needs to do.

Now there are various steps further more for optimization and CRO.

I would request others alao to share their process or startegies on Keyword researching

Thanks in advance

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