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I’ve just taken a look at your personal twitter, and I think the problem is this: *I don’t know what your twitter is for*.

I mean, I’m not your target audience, but you should still have a defined purpose for your socials. I follow people who put out business and marketing insights, as well as esoteric shit and memes I’m into (I’m weird, be quiet… 🙂 )

Going through your last few tweets, we have:

* Ad for your podcast.
* Complaining about Mondays.
* Some filmy stuff
* Some memey stuff
* Some news commentary
* Psych stuff
* More memy stuff

This is reflected in your engagement. You have 10k followers, but your tweets get basically zero engagement.

It seems like you’re just throwing things out there, rather than having a defined plan for what your twitter is supposed to be.

So I ask you a serious question. Who is your twitter **for**? Who would follow you, and **why**? Why should I **care** about what you have to say? Why would I follow **you**, and why should I look for **your** posts on my timeline?

Answer this and focus up, and you’ll start getting better results

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