Some SEO Jokes

Some SEO Jokes  

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#1 – Why did Tiger Woods start studying SEO?

To get his #1 ranking back


#2 – Why did the girl stop dating the SEO Nerd?

He loaded too fast



#3 – Why did the SEO expert cross the road?

To get hit with traffic.



#4 – How did the SEO find her way back through the woods?

Bread crumbs


#5 – What room was Matt Cutts trying to find when he got lost at the SEO Conference?

Room 404

#6 – What do you call the # of times an SEO expert can jump on a trampoline?

Bounce Rate

#7 – What is a black hat SEO’s favorite food?


#8 – Why did the SEO expert get kicked out of the grocery store?

Cutting in line to be the 1st position

#9 – What does SEO and a photo framing shop have in common?

“Matte” Cutts

#10 – Why was the SEO expert so furious on his way to work?

Too much traffic! …go figure?

#12 – What do you call a web designer with a really good sex change?

Conversion Optimization Specialist

#12 – What did the new CEO of Yahoo! say when they finally beat Google in unique traffic, in July of 2013?

Yahoo! (what did you expect?)

#13 – What do you call a man who invents “PageRank”?

Larry Page…go figure? (True Story)

#14 – What do you call an SEO expert who sells vans?

Danny “SellAVan”


#15 – What do you call an SEO expert who praises Google?

“Kneel” Patel

#16 – What do you call an SEO expert who molds his team into shape?

Bruce Clay

#17 – What do you call a search engine with a bad marketing department?

A Decision Engine (Remember that)

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